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STAREGISTER and TRA Certification Inc. are joining forces in USA Midwest

June 01, 2015

STAREGISTER International, Inc. (STAREGISTER) announces the cooperation with TRA Certification Inc. (TRA) for the establishment of a regional office at Elkhart, Indiana, for the delivery of STAREGISTER’s Management Systems certification services in Midwest USA.
“ ..this is very exciting and strategic initiative for STAREGISTER”, says Dr. George Anastasopoulos, President of STAREGISTER. “The Indiana office will extend our marketing reach into central and east USA,” says Anastasopoulos.
Mr. Tom Arnold, TRA’s President, says: “... TRA welcomes the cooperation with STAREGISTER...The STAREGISTER Management Systems certification services will enrich our programs in our region as they meet the challenges of international accreditation and they add value to our clientele in an affordable and competitive way”.
TRA Certification will provide Registration, Re-Certification and Surveillance audits for STAREGISTER starting June 1, 2015. Contact TRA or STAREGISTER for additional Information.

STAREGISTER International Inc.
Based in Chicago, USA, and with regional offices all over the world, STAREGISTER offers accredited, approachable and affordable Management System and Personnel Certification Services in the International market since 2005. STAREGISTER is accredited to ISO 17021 and ISO 17024 standards and is a signatory of the IPC MLA.Main line of Management System services provided by STAREGISTER include: Certification of ISO 9001 - Quality Management Systems (QMS), ISO 14001 - Environmental Management Systems (EMS), OHSAS 18001 - Occupational Health and Safety Management Systems (OHSAS), ISO 22001 - Food Safety Management Systems (FSMS), ISO 27001 - Information Security Management Systems, ISO 29990 - Learning services for non-formal education & training, ISO 50001 - Energy Management System (EnMS) and a series of other unique certifications of specialized Management Systems.

TRA Certification Inc.
Since its inception TRA and its predecessor have been evaluating and approving Quality Control Programs and Management Systems to a wide variety of national and state standards since 1969 and has assisted over 1,400 companies worldwide in their quest to provide a suitable product. TRA is located at 700 E Beardsley Ave, PO Box 1081, Elkhart, IN 46515, Ph. 574-264-0745 – Fax 574-264-0740.
For more information you can contact STAREGISTER at and TRA toll free at 800-398-9282