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Announcing Merger between STAREGISTER and TQNET

February 23, 2015

The Boards of Directors of STAREGISTER and TQNET have agreed to merge to form a new global certification body. The two agencies are merging under STAREGISTER International Inc. brand name, headquarter at Chicago, Illinois, USA.

The decision to merge was announced in a joint statement from STAREGISTER Board President Dr. George Anastasopoulos and his TQNET counterpart Mr. Osman Vural. “By combining the resources of TQNET and STAREGISTER, the new entity will be better positioned to meet the growing needs of the conformity assessment market in Europe, Middle East, American and Far East markets. The boards of both organizations have recognized a need to achieve efficient and effective use of their resources to establish fully automated, individualized, customer-centered certification tools that will create positive, adding value, services. One thing will not change: the new organization will continue to provide accredited but also affordable certification services to its global clientele.”

The organizations began discussions on how to increase partnerships earlier last year. Over the last six months a special negotiating committee made up of board members from both organizations met to discuss and research various ways to work together. Last month, the proposal to merge was unanimously approved by the boards of both organizations.

Beginning February 1, 2015 and continuing until the merger is complete, the Executive Director of TQNET, Osman Vural, will assume executive managerial responsibilities for STAREGISTER International. Vural will become the Chief Executive Officer of the new organization, effective immediately. The board members of both organizations will come together to form one board and be led by President Dr. George Anastasopoulos.

“STAREGISTER and TQNET have similar missions and programs, but most importantly we share a culture of professionalism for the people and organizations we serve,” said Dr. George Anastasopoulos. “We are confident that by joining forces we will be able to offer our existing and newly developed certification programs to more regions in a global basis. This merger ensures that our accredited, affordable and approachable certification services will be now available in many new economies.”

STAREGISTER International Inc. operates regional representation offices at Chicago/IL/USA, Izmir/ Turkey, Athens/Greece, Karachi/Pakistan, St. Petersburg/Russia and Seoul/Korea. STAREGISTER is accredited to ISO 17024 by the American accreditation body IAS and is a signatory of IPC MLA.