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STAREGISTER International Certification

STAREGISTER - your global partner in certification

STAR Certificate


Certificate Programs

STAREGISTER offers the following Certificate (Qualification) Programs (Click on the program for description of requirements, application form and more details): 

CPT(TM) - Professional Trainers
CSMP(TM) - Social Media Professionals 
PRME(TM) - Risk Management Systems Experts 
PBC(TM) - Business Consultants 
6SP(TM) - Six Sigma Professionals
PTG(TM) - Professional Tourist Guides
CPC(TM) - Professional Cleaners

Why Certify

Personnel Certification is a valuable tool that offers professional recognition of your knowledge and skills.
STAREGISTER certification offers:
Certification against nationally and internationally recognized standards,
International recognition of your knowledge and skills,
Business Opportunities, and
Salary Increase opportunities.

Additional cards may be issued uppon request (a printing, shipping and handling charge may apply)
A hard-copy certificate can also be issued uppon request (a printing, shipping and handling charge may apply)
STAREGISTER personnel certification registry is available to any interested party upon request.