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Personnel Attributes


STAR-A-TEST® is a simple e-based online or manual examination consisting specific questions which examine candidate’s ability to demonstrate personal attributes. The attributes were determined following extensive national and international research and interview with the aim of determining what, in terms of personal attributes, separates the more effective and efficient professionals.

STAR-A-TEST® is not a 'go/no-go' evaluation. Simply, it will indicate where an applicant may experience difficulty in terms of demonstrating specific attributes and will be considered in relation to the other competencies of skill, knowledge and qualification.

STAR-A-TEST®, designed and developed by STAREGISTER, can also assist organizations in the selection and development of their personnel. It provides for the definition, measurement and examination of personnel attributes specifically targeted at Manager and Staff Member.

STAREGISTER can assist organizations to define and measure the personal attributes that 'fit' with the organization's values and personnel performance requirements, then develop the psychometric matrix necessary to examine each person via a simple e-based medium. Results and supporting commentary are then passed to the organization.

STAR-A-TEST® is a very cost effective personnel management tool that has the potential to lift an organizations' performance through the recruitment, selection and development of professional people. The general process that is applied for corporate usage of the STAR-A-TEST® tool is as follows:

1.     Organization will supply a listing of all applicants that will carry out the examination. Organization may select from two available test categories: Entry level test (P101) designed for lower and middle level personnel or Management Level test (P102) designed for professionals in management level.
2.     STAREGISTER will designate each user with a unique login to access the online system, and advise a central contact within the organization of these details – we are also able to forward them directly to each applicant if required.
3.     Applicants are able to access the examination online at the STAREGISTER website, using the provided login information. The assessment will take the applicant no more than 60 minutes and upon completion of the exam, raw results will be forwarded back to STAREGISTER.
4.     Finally STAREGISTER will interpret the data and provide results in a simple report format.
Personnal Attributes tested were selected and modified in order to comply with:

The test is verified with the lattest scientific methodologies utilizing a structural equation modeling framework for estimating composite reliability of congeneric measures (Raykov) with calculated standard uncertainty and reliability varying from 72% to 90% depending test size. The STAR-A-TEST® assessment tool was then validated utilizing an independent Equivalence study. The test design, development, verification and validation methodologies was assessed by expert psychometrician during ISO 17024 accreditation process and it constitutes an integral part of the exams for the schemes included in STAREGISTER's accreditation scope.