What is Personnel Certification?
Personnel Certification is a conformity assessment program that it means skills, competency and experiences of a candidate is evaluated according to objective criterions by comparing needed requirements which are determined by standards then if the result of the evaluation is enough level, the candidate can have the personnel certification which it proves the candidate has enough skills, competency and experience in the related subject.

STAREGISTER Personnel Conformity Assessment Programs

We have met some in consequences in the education and on job training depending on the current economy and its business tempo and needs of it. People which graduated from the education program have been increasing day by day. However personal qualification can’t meet needs of the industrial area depending on changing evolutions which is requested by current economy under the competitive conditions. As a result, it brings financial burden personal circulation in the companies and causes decreasing of the competitive quality.

The goal of “Conformity Assessment” and “Personal Certification”  programs of STAREGISTER for individual orientated to improve strictly required personal competency which will be met the current specific needs and to progress to the security of public and environment. On the contrary the other certification programs based on the competency by considering education and general qualifications of a candidate, STAREGISTER Conformity Assessment Programs decide about conformity by evaluating measurable competency of the candidate.

“Conformity Assessment” and “Personal Certification” programs have being improved by Program Committees in accordance with competency requirements by being up to the industrial standards. Technical Committees of STAREGISTER has been occurred equal distribution of the related people.

STAREGISTER Program and Technical Committees have been also developing new personnel certification programs according to industrial needs.

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